Saturday, August 20, 2011

Only at Farmer's Markets

The ONLY place, beginning in 2012, that home prepared, non-hazardous foods can be sold is at Farmer's Markets.

While this a great first step, I was hoping that the new law would allow for consumers to be able to sell their product at a variety of venues -- church bazaars, flea markets, craft fairs, etc.

Oh's a start and I should be happy.  Isn't that the way.  Give me an inch and I want a mile!!!

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  1. Hi Carol,
    Do you have any information on selling Jalapeno Pepper Jelly/Jam?

    We see vendors selling these all the time, and would like to do the same...we were excited about this new bill, until we saw the restrictions (Farmer's Market and no pepper jelly/jam).

    Any information would be great.
    You can email us at:

  2. Yes, rhubarb, tomato and pepper jellies will not be allowed at Farmer's Markets unless the seller has verification from a laboratory that their product has a pH less than 4.6. Rhubarb, tomato and peppers have pH's that are either very close to or slightly over 4.6 which is the dividing line for foods that must be processed in the hot water bath or pressure canner. To be sure that the pH is low enough to be safely canned in a hot water bath, you must have your own laboratory analysis done to certify that your recipe yields a product less with a pH of less than 4.6.