Sunday, October 17, 2010

Finding a Commercial Kitchen to Rent in Illinois

One of the hardest things for a new food entreprenuer to find is a commercial inspected kitchen in which to LEGALLY prepare their food product. While many people start out preparing foods in their own home kitchen, they don't realize that in Illinois this is illegal as a SEPARATE kitchen from your home kitchen is required for preparing foods for sale.

So where can you find a commercial inspected kitchen to rent in Illinois?

First, contact your local health department, environmental health services division, and ask to speak to a food sanitarian. They may have a listing of kitchens in their county that rent out their space to entrepreneurs.

If you live in the Taylorville area, University of Illinois Extension has recently renovated their kitchen into a rentable, inspected kitchen. You can reach the Christian County Extension Office at: 217-287-7246. Check out their website at:

In the Belleville area, a good friend of mine, Chef Cari, has recently opened a commercial kitchen for her business "Dinner at Your Door Personal Chef Service" and is willing to rent her kitchen to interested food entrepreneurs.  You can check out her website at:

Unfortunately, there aren't many advertised commercial kitchens for rent outside the Chicago area but many times churches, organizations and restaurants that are only open for limited hours will rent out their facilities.

Here's a website for commercial kitchens for rent in the Chicago area:

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  1. Thanks for the info
    Any help for the Champaign Urbana Area would be very useful please!!

    I'm starting a Company called The Scotsman's Kitchen and have several local stores interested in my products, but finding a commercial kitchen here is nigh on impossible, or the prices are way out of my range just now!!

    I have a Sanitation Certificate myself, but that doesn't seem to help any!

  2. Call Marble's Catering in Savoy. They have a rental kitchen that is very well equipped!

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